Mid-range cars appeal to families and those who are looking for a high quality vehicle that remains affordable. The Czech automaker Skoda has excelled in this department in the past, and with the redesign of their bestselling Skoda Superb, they could dominate the segment against rivals like the Volkswagen Passat. The new model combines the best of Skoda design, updated technology, and decreased emissions for a more attractive package overall.

Originally launched in 2001, the Superb has been seen as the flagship vehicle for the Skoda brand. Used Skoda cars at Carsales.com.au and other listings sites are consistently best-sellers, and its new design could make it even more internationally recognized.

Design Changes

Both the exterior and interior sections of the Superb have been updated for 2014. The vehicle features a completely new front and rear, with cleaner lines and a slightly more aggressive appearance. The front end features a new grille, logo, and LED lights. The bonnet and front fender have also been redesigned. You'll now see the Skoda logo displayed more prominently front and centre, and the bonnet slopes downward at a greater angle. In the rear, the lights have also been updated along with the general shape of the vehicle. Drivers can choose new shades including Moon White and Metal Grey. Inside the car, passengers may notice newer, softer materials and a fresh design.

Eco-Friendly Features

Although the exterior has been given a major makeover, even greater changes have been made in the drive systems of the car to make it more fuel efficient. Emissions have been reduced by 19%, due to a lower weight and drag effect. The tyres offer less resistance than before and the diesel engine features a start-stop system to improve efficiency. Drivers can choose from a range of petrol and diesel engines, but those looking for a more environmentally-friendly Skoda will want to choose the diesel. The Green Line diesel engine with a manual transmission and front-wheel drive offers a fuel economy of 4.2 litres to every 100 km.

Interior Features

The energy-efficient design upgrade continues to the interior of the car, with an electric sunroof operated by solar cells. Keyless entry and dual zone climate control are luxury features for a mid-range car, and automatic parking assist helps boost the brand's safety rating. The higher end trims feature heated seats and a full navigation system. Infotainment at this end includes a 6.5 inch colour touch screen display and 30 GB of electronic storage.

One reason why the Skoda Superb has been consistently popular is its spacious interior, and this has not changed. There are 157 mm of leg room in the rear of the vehicle, which is hard to beat in this class. Passengers can also enjoy a large luggage compartment and adjustable rear seating.

Value for Money

Used Skodas hold their value well, as you can see if you compare them with Volkswagen Up prices up on Carsales. The fuel efficiency should also lead to low running costs over time, making this upgrade decent value for the mid-range price.

With updated gadgets, a more streamlined design and greater fuel economy; it's hard to imagine that the 2014 Skoda Superb won't become an instant bestseller.

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