Dacia can look back on its finest year ever, with 573,800 cars sold in 2022. In many ways, the year 2022 was a disaster for the car industry, except if your name is Dacia. In 2022, the Dacia brand registered a 6.8% gain and attained the milestone of selling eight million cars since its debut in 1999.

A 7.6% market share in sales to private individuals is noteworthy. The Dacia Sandero is the best-seller, with 229,500 units sold in 2022. This solidifies the model's position as Europe's best-selling car for private customers, a position Sandero has held since 2017.

In terms of sales, the Dacia Duster comes in second with 197,100 units and a 5.8% increase over 2021. The Duster maintains its status as the best-selling SUV, which it has held since 2018.

The Dacia Jogger also had a strong start, selling 56,800 units. It's worth mentioning that seven out of ten consumers went for the best-equipped model, the Extreme.

The electric car made by Romanians, Dacia Spring, has also found a sweet spot in the market as the most affordable electric vehicle. It is the third best-selling electric car in Europe, with 48,900 sales - a stunning 75% increase over 2021.

The important markets for Dacia are France, where one out of every six French car buyers will purchase a Dacia by 2022. In all, 130,800 units were sold, representing a 4.5% rise in a market that fell 7.8%.

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Germany is a significant market for Dacia, with sales expected to climb by up to 50% in 2022, with a total of 60,300 vehicles sold. To that degree, Italy is also a Dacia country, with 67,300 sold, a 9.2% increase. Dacia is extremely popular in Spain. In a market that saw severe decreases, 37,800 units were sold, representing a 2.7% increase.

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