The worldwide team of Ford engineers is utilized to a maximum when it comes to evaluating the strength and durability of the next-generation Ford Ranger. After all, they need to deliver a universal pickup to meet the challenges of all 180 markets. As a result, the Ford pickup is put through more physical and virtual testing than any Ranger before; it is designed from the bottom up to be the most sophisticated, intelligent, flexible, and capable Ranger yet.

"Gaining Built Ford Tough status is not easy," said John Willems, chief engineer of the Ford Ranger program. "Every part of the new Ranger has been tested to the same standards we ask of every Ford vehicle."

The new Ford Ranger is tested on some of the most challenging terrains globally to ensure that it is capable and ready for customers and meets Ford's strict quality, reliability, and durability standards.

"It's important for our customers to be able to rely on Ranger for long periods," Willems said. "So we've made every effort to put the next-generation Ford Ranger to the ultimate test - working it much harder than a regular consumer would - to make sure it's ready to face any challenges in life."

"Whether it's tackling muddy slopes, coping with the rigors of extreme tropical weather, towing through alpine passes, or withstanding temperatures above 50 ° Celsius, Ranger has to do everything."

The oncoming Ford Ranger tests have covered more than 10,000 km of desert driving, the equivalent of 1,250,000 km in customer-specific driving, and the equivalent of 625,000 km of off-road endurance tests at maximum load capacity, and testing continues around the world. In addition, Ford's engineers subjected the new Ranger to thousands of hours of computer simulations and thousands of other simulations of real-world laboratory conditions, covering everything from aerodynamics to component and structure durability.

"Computer simulations have helped us accelerate development, while lab testing has helped us refine and test specific components - but nothing can replace real-world testing to see how it lasts for years for use in customer-specific conditions," explained Willems.

Ranger customers expect their vehicles to exceed the limits, so this rigorous testing mimics various real-world scenarios in which customers could use the pickup. And they take place in Ford centers around the world to ensure that the new generation Ford Ranger meets customers' needs in more than 180 markets.

Some of these tests are considered too demanding to be performed in real-life, so computer simulations are applied in extreme situations like the "squeak and rattle" of the platform, where the pickup suspension and entire body are subjected to intense test cycles that are repeated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Our task as engineers is to translate information about the customer experience into a clear product projection, which becomes the absolute reference for our tests. This is especially important for Ranger, as we are developing it to be sold worldwide," Willems concluded.

Developed based on the needs of our customers, the new Ford Ranger will have the same dynamic DNA specific to this model, including superior off-road features. In addition, the new Ford model is intended to be the most advanced and connected Ranger ever built by Ford. The new-generation Ford Ranger will be the ideal partner for work, family, and fun.

The new Ford Ranger Raptor - the most powerful and high-performance variant of the best-selling pickup in Europe - has just become even more desirable, as Ford released the Ranger Raptor Special Edition. Built in a limited number to ensure exclusivity, the new Ranger Raptor Special Edition strengthens the thoroughbred character of the Ranger Raptor pickup with an imposing exterior and a premium interior with additional styling elements, including racing stripes and accents. 

Developed by Ford Performance as the most advanced Ranger model, the Ranger Raptor Special Edition is equipped with a reinforced chassis, custom suspension, and tires, and a high-performance EcoBlue diesel engine to support the adrenaline-filled lifestyles of true off-road enthusiasts.

In addition to the competition stripes, the front towing rings are finished in red, while the flared wheel arches, front and rear bumpers, door handles, and grille embossed with Ford has a matte black finish to highlight it compared to gray details of the standard version of the Raptor model.

This limited-edition Ranger Raptor retains the unique chassis developed by Ford Performance for the Ranger Raptor. Designed for high-speed off-road driving, the Ford Ranger Raptor has a 150 mm extended wheelbase and a ground clearance 51 mm higher than the Ranger XLT for better off-road performance. The custom suspension uses double aluminum front arms and a multi-link rear architecture, including FOX shock absorbers, which moderate the damping forces in changing driving scenarios. In addition, General Grabber AT3 all-terrain tires offer maximum grip on unstable surfaces.

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According to data available at the end of September, Ford is the market leader of the pickup segment with the current generation Ranger, with a segment share of 39.7% and records an increase in volumes of 18% compared to the same period last year. One in two pickup truck buyers in Romania chooses a Ford Ranger. About 74% of the volumes currently sold are higher versions - Limited, Wildtrack, and Raptor. About 40% of sales are in the Ford Ranger Raptor version. @via Ford UK.

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