Ford fans in Europe who have been waiting for the new Ranger Raptor may finally rest easy. The new Ford Ranger Raptor changes what it means to be ferocious with its impressive off-road skills, 292 hp, and brand-new 3.0 liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost gasoline engine.

The new Ranger Raptors are now available for purchase by European Ford customers. The first vehicles are currently being delivered to customers in Europe. They have a lot to look forward to, given the design's ability to traverse anything from arid sand dunes to mountainous terrain.

Like the original Ranger Raptor edition, this 2023 Ranger Raptor pickup truck was created by Ford Performance. Still, this time, much more so than before, the needs of genuine off-road aficionados were considered. As the most cutting-edge Ranger yet, it has superior off-road performance, innovative new technologies, and a sleek new look.

Ford's dealers are now taking orders for the Ranger Raptor and will soon begin taking orders for the next-generation Ranger. The new Ford Ranger is available in various trims, including the XL, Wildtrak, Platinum, and Raptor. These are part of the largest selection of Rangers available in Europe.

Introducing a new 3.0 liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost gasoline engine, producing 292 horsepower and 491 Newton-meters of torque, is especially exciting for Ford Performance enthusiasts.

Compared to the current 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine, which will still be offered in the new generation Ford Ranger Raptor beginning in 2023, the new engine provides buyers with even more horsepower.

The cylinder block in the Ranger Raptor's engine is made of compressed graphite iron, which is up to 75 percent stiffer and around 75 percent stronger than the iron used in conventional castings. Ford Performance has also implemented an "anti-lag system," similar to that found in the Ford GT and the Ford Focus ST, to ensure that the engine responds instantly and smoothly to acceleration.

The redesigned driveline in the Ford Ranger Raptor allows for smooth acceleration in any terrain, whether gravel, mud, or sand. With the help of an electronically controlled exhaust system, the driver can choose from four different engine sounds that can be changed to fit the driving conditions or the driver's tastes.

The pickup's stiffness and durability will be enhanced by combining a newly designed and strengthened chassis frame and suspension tuning. Partially because of changes to the c-pillar and the way the spare wheel is mounted, the new Ranger Raptor is much more rugged and can handle harsh environments.

The shock absorbers on the Ford Ranger pickup truckr are state-of-the-art FOX 2.5-live-valve models. Superb off-road performance and extra front-wheel travel are guaranteed by sophisticated technology that analyzes driver and vehicle input 500 times per second and makes necessary adjustments to the shocks. Off-roading with the Live-Valve technology is a breeze because of how rapidly it adjusts to the surface. A superior driving experience is guaranteed by the adaptive shock absorbers' unwavering damping capabilities.

Off-road, the new Ford Ranger Raptor's base plate is nearly twice as large as the base plate in the other Ranger models, providing further protection. Protective components like the radiator, steering system and front differential lock are sandwiched between two sheets of high-strength steel measuring 2.3 millimeters in thickness. Having tow hooks in both the front and the back of the vehicle gives drivers more options, which is always a plus.

Permanent four-wheel drive is available for the first time on the Ford Ranger Raptor thanks to a brand-new electronically controlled transmission gearbox. This, in addition to differential locks on both the front and rear axles, is an excellent feature of extreme off-roaders because it guarantees more directional acceleration. Whether you're driving on pavement, dirt, or off-road, the Ranger Raptor's seven driving modes have you covered.

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The new Ford Ranger Raptor comes standard with Trail Control, an off-road cruise control. In this case, the driver only needs to set a speed lower than 32 km/h for the car to take over the throttle and brakes. 

With a 12.4" screen in the gauge cluster and a 12" infotainment screen providing access to Ford's new SYNC4, the driver can take advantage of the most recent digital technologies. There are ten B&O speakers in the cabin, allowing you to set the perfect mood with music on your next journey. @

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