Renault, a brand with a heart in its centre, is entering a new era as it adds a wave of modernity to the European car industry. In 2021, Renault strives more than ever to meet market expectations for responsible, carbon-free, safe and scalable mobility solutions that are in line with customer demands.

Throughout its history, the Renault brand has undergone repeated changes in its visual identity. One thing, however, has remained unchanged since 1925: the Renault diamond. The last time the logo was changed was in 1992, and although it was reworked in 2015, it was gradually updated. As the brand is deeply rooted in a modern, international market, where its expression will be felt in various domains, its newly unveiled logo is more modern and lively. The new logo was designed together with Landor & Fitch consultants and will from next year be phased in on all Renault cars and in the entire Renault network. In 2024, the entire Renault range will bear the new logo.

With more than 10 years of experience, the Renault brand is a leader in the European EV market. Renault has built on its expertise in all-electric cars and has expanded its EV range with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. In both hybrid and plug-in hybrids, the E-TECH hybrid technology offers the best in energy efficiency and driving pleasure while reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as fuel consumption.

In 2020, this revolutionary technology was offered on Clio E-TECH Hybrid, Captur E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid and Megane Sport Tourer E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid. In 2021, with the recently launched Arkana and Captur E-TECH Hybrid as well as the Megane E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid station wagon, Renault has now an electric car range that includes six E-TECH hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Renault Group has confirmed that is preparing for the future by extending the reach of its E-TECH hybrid technology to future generations.

The new Renault Arkana is the first SUV coupe from a mass car manufacturer and it combines driving pleasure, comfort and spaciousness. Arkana's strong personality and distinctive style are paired with a completely hybrid engine. The Arkana model has been well received by both the press and customers, also the brand new Renault Arkana E-TECH Hybrid to be available in June. The 145hp E-TECH Hybrid engine can be run in fully electric mode up to 80% of the time on city roads and corresponds to 40% fuel savings compared to a petrol engine in an urban environment.

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Renault is proud of its French roots and is also an international brand. In Europe, Renault continues to rely on its key markets - France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK - with a more noticeable offering and a clear goal: use E-TECH technology to better leadership in e-mobility and step up efforts to increase market shares for both C-segment and commercial vehicles. Internationally, the Renault brand has advanced in its historic high-potential markets, while keeping risk levels in check.

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