In the first quarter of 2023, the Toyota Corolla will arrive with significant upgrades. Greater power is available from the hybrid systems' larger engines (1.8 and 2.0 liters), which also boast superior handling and fuel economy, as claimed by the designers. The new Toyota Corolla can go utterly emission-free because it can run on electricity alone.

The current generation of Toyota's "Smart Connect" multimedia system is installed inside, and in addition to new features, it also responds faster to commands. The driver can get all the information they need from the completely digital, individually customizable 12.3-inch instrument display located behind the steering wheel, which is linked to the center screen that may be up to 10.5 inches in size.

The updated "Safety Sense" assistance systems in Toyota vehicles are designed to provide the driver with convenience and peace of mind. The automaker claims that their vehicles can foresee more threats earlier than before, issue warnings in response, and thereby prevent or significantly mitigate the severity of accidents. Over-the-air" software upgrades made possible by wireless technology allow for constant refinements even after the vehicle has been delivered.

The fifth-generation full hybrid drives are the beating heart of the compact vehicle. Toyota has improved the car by, among other things, upgrading the control unit and transmission and installing a more powerful lithium-ion battery. According to the data, the improved responsiveness of the drive and acceleration to pedal input results in enhanced fun and convenience behind the wheel.

Compared to its predecessor, the base model's 103 kW/140 hp output from its 1.8-liter combustion engine + electric technology has increased by 15%. Thanks to this boost, the new Toyota Corolla can now reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 9.2 seconds. Similarly, the larger 2.0-liter hybrid drive receives a power increase, reducing the 0–100 mph time to 7.5 seconds thanks to a system output rise of 8% to 144 kW/196 horsepower. Carbon monoxide emissions are between 100 and 105 g/km. The consumption data is still missing.

Smoother, more controllable, and less erratic driving results from a more direct response to accelerator pedal movements. This becomes most apparent to the driver in typical driving conditions, such as heavy congestion and frequent speed changes typical of urban driving. The hybrid system operates at a lower speed when on the freeway for a smoother and more relaxed driving behavior, and acceleration uphill and downhill is likewise more natural and better fitted to the engine speed.

A cutting-edge lithium-ion hybrid battery is integrated with both hybrid motors. Toyota has decreased the energy storage device's size and weight by 14 percent while increasing performance by 14 percent. The power pack is so small that it may fit behind the back seats, eliminating the need to rearrange cargo.

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According to Toyota, the battery has also benefited from a new, more silent cooling system and an increased lifespan. The new Toyota Corolla can regulate the charging and discharging of the battery while on the road. As the vehicle nears a position where the driver would ordinarily brake constantly, the system suggests lifting off the pedal and boosting engine braking to maximize braking energy recovery, leading to improved fuel economy.

The predictive control may also anticipate downhill driving and traffic congestion when using the navigation system to plan a route. Therefore, the battery's charge may be better regulated, and longer downhill portions can be used for charging. By factoring in real-time traffic data, the technology may also keep the battery charged to a predetermined level even when the vehicle is stopped.

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