The delicate top itself comprises of a linkage, a roofliner, protecting filler layer all through and outside spread. Flawlessness in ordinary common sense: the improvement group composed the joints of the longitudinal creases of the outside spread fabrics (focus board and two side boards) so they serve as an extra trickle rail. Flawlessness in optimal design: mounted between the longitudinal casings of the top linkage are an aggregate of 4 rooftop cross bows and the purported front rooftop bow (the main huge transverse component behind the windscreen outline). Thusly, the delicate top is joined to the rooftop bows by screw-affixed fabric maintenance strips. Thus, even at higher paces, the fabric rooftop does not load with air. What's more, that positively affects streamlined features.

The Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet offers most extreme all-round wellbeing on account of its rollover assurance framework, a strengthened windscreen outline and various other auxiliary adjustments (underbody, side boards, crossmembers, entryways). Because of its various fortifications, the 4.25 meter long, 1.78 meter wide and (top up) 1.42 meter tall Golf Cabriolet additionally shows great torsional inflexibility. Some of these fortifications are noticeable when the cabriolet is seen from underneath, for example, when the Cabrio and an "ordinary" Golf stand one next to the other on a raised stage. In a visual examination, the spectator can see critical contrasts in the underbodies. In front, the cabriolet has a motor nook made of aluminum; together with its mounting sections, which expands unbending nature. Moreover, the motor mount, going about as a vibration damper, includes refinement at the front end. On every side of the auto, 2 sidelong fortifications in the ledge territory and 2 askew supports, front and back, and the strengthened back subframe joint lead to further picks up in unbending nature and a noteworthy decrease in thunderous body vibrations.

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