The Volkswagen Group revealed a revolutionary design concept that will reinvent long-distance mobility in the future. The 100% electric IEV (Innovation Experience Vehicle) is a real self-driving (level 5) prototype that provides a realistic sense of mobility: GEN.TRAVEL. The car's modular interior makes it a versatile, long-term Mobility-as-a-Service option for short-haul flights. The goal of GEN.TRAVEL as a research project is to test the concept and additional functionalities in client response. Based on the study findings, individual functions can later be adapted to series-produced cars.

The GEN.TRAVEL electric car is self-driving, transforming the driver into a peaceful passenger with more time for work and relaxation. Entertainment. Family. Volkswagen Group design chief Klaus Zyciora explains: "GENTRAVEL provides us with a glimpse into the future of travel. It demonstrates how autonomous driving will appear in the future. GENTRAVEL is an example of a futuristic design built for tomorrow's mobility. The highly unusual design is distinguished by efficient shaping. In an age of technological perfection and seemingly limitless possibilities, 'form follows function has given way to form follows freedom.' Not only is the car better, but it is also more exhilarating than ever before."

The GEN.TRAVEL electric car offers a one-of-a-kind, modular interior design that can be customized for each journey and hired as a Mobility-as-a-Service. The electric concept car may transport up to four passengers, depending on the arrangement. The conference configuration, with four comfy seats and a wide table in the center of the interior, provides a calm setting for work excursions. Dynamic lighting improves the working environment and reduces the danger of motion sickness. An option in the overnight arrangement converts two chairs into two beds.

Even when passengers lie down, a sophisticated harness system maintains their safety. The GEN.TRAVEL lighting system influences melatonin production to assist travelers in falling and waking up naturally. For family vacations, GENTRAVEL with front seats can be customized to use augmented reality to engage the children (AR). The interior is light and airy, with a natural style. All HMI (human-machine interface) parts are made from sustainable materials that are blended with recycled or natural resources.

The GEN.TRAVEL electric concept car includes the active suspension eABC (electronic Active Body Control) for maximum comfort, which calculates vertical and lateral movements such as accelerating, braking, or turning ahead of time and modifies driving style and trajectory accordingly. Artificial intelligence and platooning (totally autonomous driving in convoys) are used to boost range for long-distance travel.

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The Volkswagen Group has created an iconic, innovative concept with GEN.TRAVEL that makes an entirely new electric car category in the premium segment between sedan and MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). "With its NEW-AUTO strategy, Volkswagen is defining sustainable and digital mobility for future generations," says Dr. Nikolai Ardey, head of Volkswagen Group Innovation. "We promote this idea further in the Volkswagen Innovation Research department, which works across the group's brands, and highlight how our consumers will be able to experience mobility in the future - for example, as a service. With GENTRAVEL electric car, we can see what breakthrough technology may make it feasible soon. Travel from door to door on a whole new level. No emissions and no worry."

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